A Lesbian Perspective

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Jude English

Lesbians, that is women who are same sex attracted, currently face enormous challenges defending our rights to meet, socialise and organise as a sex class. This is due in part to an authoritarian anti-science and post truth turn. We see this oppression and violence flowering in all societies trying to function during the state of crisis that is disaster capitalism. War over resources, space and autonomy in the real world is mirrored in the online world. The system wide collapse of democracy, freedom and the rule of law always impacts women first and with more devastation.

In this Brave New World of ecological collapse and disaster capitalism females as a sex class face increasing levels of violence, inequality, poverty and oppression. Lesbians have always faced the additional challenge of men unable to accept our independent sexuality. Young lesbians particularly face issues trying to create and maintain independent boundaries and lives. In 2023 young lesbians are increasingly psychologically gaslit to deny their female bodies and feed the coffers of the medical industrial complex. If they refuse to comply Lesbians are challenged by aggression and violence from men and by social censure.

In this context it’s necessary to note that single sex Lesbian spaces are valuable, important, and protected in law. These spaces, and our right to have them, are challenged by boundary crossing, intimidation and reality denial by men outside and inside the Green Party.

Where once the Green Party had a fringe membership with a belief in alien lizards and homoeopathy, in 2023 the Green Party of England and Wales has an active and influential sub-culture of members who deny evolution and biological fact. This extremely recent project of denial in conjunction with boundary crossing and disrespect for women and the law is unscientific, irrational and is against our deepest philosophical values. It corrodes our credibility on climate policy. Its authoritarian implementation attacks women in the party and particularly attacks lesbians. Its authoritarian implementation by influential fringe activists has led us to court and is predicted could cost the party £500k. We will also suffer huge reputational damage.

As Lesbians in the party, we demand a return to political and ecological reality and to our core values of scientific thought, leadership and rational inquiry. Our GPEW policy lexicon must reflect the protection of nature, human thriving, and personal and planetary boundaries. We must recommit to the precautionary principle at all levels of planetary ecological activity including at the level of the human body. GPEW should not directly or indirectly promote the agendas and encourage voters to line the pockets of Big Pharma, Big Oil and the industrial-medical complex.

As Green Lesbians we therefore welcome this declaration as an important step to regaining our sense of self as a credible political party. A step forwards to recover our organisational mission to promote scientific and ecological reality and to remain a credible political force for climate activism. We ask the party to reaffirm our core green values of science-based policy, free speech, free thought, and ecological liberal secularism.

Jude English on behalf of Green Lesbians


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Our Vision – Lesbians, gay men and bisexuals living free from discrimination or disadvantage based on their sexual orientation. We recognise that sex is binary, female and male

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