Webinar – Is the Green Party having an Identity Crisis?

Our next series of webinars will focus on the identity crisis in the Green Party, exploring how and why GPEW has abandoned its core principles and concern for the environment.  We’ll be kicking off with very special guests Simon Edge and Darren Johnson in conversation with Zoe Hatch and Jude English of The Green Women’s Declaration.

You are warmly invited to join us in conversation with Simon and Darren at our webinar on Wednesday 22nd May at 7pm.

You can register for the webinar here.

About Simon Edge

A gay rights activist since the early 1990s, Simon Edge was news editor and then editor of the paper Capital Gay. He then worked for the national press for many years, during which time he was also a senior contributing editor at Attitude magazine. He joined the Green Party in 2013 and served on staff as press officer for Siân Berry’s London mayoral campaign in 2015-16. He left the party shortly afterwards, partly in reaction to the ideas promoted by LGBTIQA+ Greens. He went on to become an outspoken gender critical activist, attending the inaugural meeting of the LGB Alliance in 2019 and appearing as the only male cast member in the film Adult Human Female. He is the author of six novels, two of which – The End of the World is Flat and In the Beginning – are thinly disguised satires on gender ideology. In his current role as senior editor at the publisher Eye Books, he edited Graham Linehan’s Sunday Times-bestselling memoir Tough Crowd.

About Darren Johnson

Joining the Green Party in 1987 aged 20, Darren Johnson learnt on-the-job about electioneering and campaigning through volunteer work at the local level and went on to serve as the Green Party’s national Elections Co-ordinator in the mid-1990s, running the party’s 1994 European election campaign. He later served as Principal Speaker in the early 2000s as well as being a founder member of the Green Party’s then LGB group back in the late-1980s. He was elected four times to the London Assembly and three times to Lewisham Council before stepping down from front-line politics in 2016. Now in semi-retirement, he has written several books about the 1970s music scene and volunteers for a learning disability charity in East Sussex, where he now lives.

Darren is a GWD signatory and has recently expressed his dismay for the way party leaders are failing to tackle the current injustices against Gender Critical members.

Green Party statement on Cass Review pulled from website only hours after publication

Green Party statement on Cass Review pulled from website only hours after publication.  Dithering and inaction from leadership results in chaos.

Members have been left confused this week about who is in charge of The Green Party of England and Wales (GPEW), following an embarrassing debacle over the Party’s public statement on the Cass Final Report.

GPEW finally posted a reasonable statement in response to Cass, 6 days after the report was published. You can read the GPEW statement here.

However, in an unexpected turn of events the Party statement was pulled from their website only hours after it was published. Commenters on X were keen to point out that the Party had taken several days to think through their response, so what exactly happened?

GWD now understands that Deputy Leader Zack Polanski and Co-leader Carla Denyer demanded the statement was taken down due to pressure from angry and bullying voices from ‘LGBTIQA+’ Greens on X

Cade Hatton, Chair of the LGBTIQA+ group, had already denounced the Cass Final Report with a public statement a few days before. The official measured Green Party response was clearly at odds with Cade’s personal views.

This has left the Green Women’s Declaration and GPEW members on social media asking ‘Are our leaders puppets? Who runs the party?’

They are concerned that the leadership is failing to act on a mandate from members. Instead, they are capitulating to bullying and coercion from a vocal and attention seeking group of activists who are more interested in pursuing their own ideological anti-women agenda than championing the Core Values of science and reason within the Green Party.

It appears that the LGBTIQA+ Greens threatened to withdraw their well known support for the leadership in future elections. Shamefully, Deputy Leader Zack Polanski, Co-leader Carla Denyer, and perhaps others, have allowed themselves to be held to ransom by factional interests intent on destroying the party.

Zoe Hatch, co- founder of Green Women’s Declaration told us:

“On any occasion, this failure of leadership and betrayal of members would be scandalous, but when safeguarding of children sits at the very heart of the Cass Review findings, then I am ashamed our Party leaders cannot set aside their own self interest and put the wellbeing of children and young people first.”

Bristol Green Councillor, Jude English, commented:

“It is clear that a battle for the very heart of our party is in progress.

I call on ordinary party members to wake up to the huge problems inside the Green Party.

We have truly lost our way.

We must return to being a credible party of science, reason and precaution and live up to our reputation as intellectually rigorous, thoughtful and caring politicians.

If we continue on our current trajectory, the reputation of the Green Party is in danger of being entirely trashed, harming not only our electoral chances at the ballot box, but also damaging our important campaigns to protect the earth’s ecological systems.” 

Former Green Party Women Co-Chair, Emma Bateman, commented: 

“In the last decade a culture has developed in the Party that deems all criticism of gender ideology to be hateful, so the leadership and trans activists have become accustomed to simply batting away difficult questions and silencing members via a quick smear of “transphobia.”

The Cass Report is not so easy to dismiss, and so the leaders are in the tricky position of having to accept that they might be wrong, and that is not going down well in some quarters.”

Open Letter to GPEW Leadership

Wednesday 10 April 2024

Dear Carla Denyer, Adrian Ramsay, Zack Polanski & Anthony Slaughter,

Dr Hilary Cass has submitted her final report and recommendations to NHS England in her role as Chair of the Independent Review of gender identity services for children and young people.

Following this landmark statement, GPEW members have written to us naming the conspicuous silence from you, our party leaders, at a time when you should be championing the safeguarding of young and vulnerable people. We fully support this important review and call on Green Party governing bodies to make an official response to the review.

We are asking you also to clarify our Green Party Policy and current position on Puberty Blockers and transitioning children.

We are happy that today Stonewall has recognised the safeguarding concerns that many women and members have expressed to their detriment.

The Green Party prides itself on being an evidence led, science-based and democraticParty. Robust, genuine and open debate must always be part of its Philosophical Principles.

After years of evidence based research, it appears Stonewall and others have finally aligned themselves to the Precautionary Principle and the safeguarding findings by Dr. Hilary Cass. We believe this view is also held by the vast majority of our members.

We would like to engage openly and respectfully with our Green Party members and colleagues. However, no current party member can talk about these issues without breaching the Queerphobia guidelines. (Guidance to Identify Queerphobia – Final Version July 2023_.pdf)

Several members have already been suspended with complaint forms directly citing this document, despite the party making claims to the contrary. This persecution must stop and our policy must now reflect the values of our members & supporters, and align with the principles of science and reason.

Green Women’s Declaration



If any members are unsure why this is an issue for young people, please read the FULL REPORT, here: https://cass.independent-review.uk/home/publications/final-report/

And hear Dr Cass speaking on BBC Woman’s Hour here:

Additional Interview here:

BBC SOUNDS Review on the today Programme:

Statement on the judgment in Shahrar Ali’s case:

‘Worthy of Respect in a Political Party’

Today a judge has ruled that the Green Party of England and Wales (GPEW) has been acting unlawfully in discriminating against ‘gender critical’ members, who assert their belief that a woman is an adult human female and that women’s sex-based rights must be fought for and won. We thank and congratulate Shahrar Ali, who has bravely stuck his neck out for all of us in pursuing his case.

GPEW leaders and people in executive positions have either actively engaged in naming and shaming ‘gender critical’ members or stayed silent while it happened. A chilling atmosphere of fear and censure has affected us all.

We urgently need to reform processes and structures inside the party that are currently wide open to manipulation, and which have allowed this top-down authoritarian culture to take hold.

Immediately, we call for:

  • The resignation of the GPEW CEO and the Chair of GPEx and an apology from Party Leaders to all ‘gender critical’ members.
  • The immediate disbandment of the GPEW’s failing Disciplinary Committee.
  • Disciplinary investigations to be outsourced from now on, lawfully conducted, without bias and fully compliant with the ‘ACAS Code of Practice on Disciplinary Grievance’,
  • The immediate lifting of disciplinary sanctions that have been imposed on GC members through No Fault Suspensions and expulsions, including Emma Bateman’s 3 expulsions, on the basis that the Party has been acting unlawfully and all such decisions are now rendered unsafe.
  • Immediate out of court settlements in favour of the three GPEW ‘gender critical’ plaintiffs with pending court cases, so that GPEW members’ money is not further wasted on legal costs.
  • A statement of welcome from the GPEW leadership to all members, inviting them to exercise their lawful right to express their beliefs and opinions.

Today is a sea-change moment for the Green Party and the whole membership needs to be engaged in deciding a new, open, and democratic way forward. Let respectful, free speech be welcome and all voices heard, not least the 1400 plus signatories of the Green Women’s Declaration. There’s lots of work to do, but this judgment has given us a key to open the gateway to change.

The time is now!

Green Women’s Declaration

For information about upcoming legal cases see this page