SGWD Letter to the Scottish Green Party Council & Executive

Dear Co-convenors,

I note your response of 28th March (written by Kate Nevens) in which you decline to take up our invitation on behalf of the founding signatories of the Scottish Green Women’s Declaration for a meeting with the Scottish Green Party Council.

We asked for this meeting to discuss concerns regarding Party policy around the erosion of women’s rights and around safeguarding of children and young people. It seems that by declining to participate in such a meeting you have confirmed that Party policy supports sex self-ID,  and the banning of exploratory talking therapy for young people. Clearly the Scottish Green Party does not accept that the belief that sex is biological and immutable is worthy of respect in a democratic society.

The signatories of the Scottish Green Women’s Declaration welcome the publication, by Dr Hilary Cass as Chair, of the Final Report of the Independent Review of Gender Identity Services for Children and Young People, commissioned by NHS England, and commend it to NHS Scotland. The Review included international studies, and its robust research and methodologies are clearly explained and set out in its conclusions. Its recommendations, therefore, compel close consideration by the Scottish Government and all relevant parties and services. It has already received recognition internationally as a landmark intervention that highlights the urgent need to ensure the safeguarding of young people and vulnerable people.

We call on the Scottish Green Party to clarify policy and current position in relation to the use of puberty blockers and transitioning children. There is serious jeopardy in the current confusion within the SGP that may lead to electoral damage and loss of public trust.

We express our sadness about what has become of the SGP, that the Party has lost its willingness to seek a consensual approach, and we suggest that the Party ought to be able to accept that members hold, and have the right to hold, and express, opposing views. We have sought a process of conciliation, and regret that this has been summarily dismissed.

We ask you to note the provisions of the Equality Act 2010, and the ethical necessity to observe these, particularly in relation to non-discrimination in respect of all protected characteristics, including ‘gender critical’ views, which have been found to be ‘worthy of respect in a democratic society’.

If it is still the Party’s intention to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting, we ask that our views are represented at this meeting ; we are prepared to take part in, and have sought, a means to conciliation so that the larger aims of the SGP, in the face of the requirement for urgent action to meet the challenge of climate breakdown, can be robustly addressed by a healthy and ‘broad church’ Scottish Green Party.

Yours sincerely,

Mary MacCallum Sullivan

On behalf of the signatories of the Scottish Green Women’s Declaration.


Launch of Scottish Green Women’s Declaration

Women’s hard won sex-based  rights are being silenced in the Scottish Green Party, according to a group  of women members, ex-members and their supporters.

“There now exists a chilling atmosphere of censure and fear within the Party, which affects not only free speech but free thought,” they state in an open letter – the Scottish Green Women’s Declaration for Sex-based Rights – addressed to the party’s leadership and published on the website where signatures can be added to the declaration.

“Women’s rights, based on the reality of biological sex, have been eroded within the SGP, as elsewhere in society. We believe the consequences of this are extremely damaging for women and girls,” the Declaration states.

“We are all members or supporters of SGP, or former members who have resigned in frustration, or been forced out of membership, or have been expelled or suspended because of our commitment to the legitimacy of advocating for women’s sex based rights,” says the Declaration.

The Scottish Green Women’s Declaration group is also opening a petition on the website to gather further signatures of those who support their stand. (