Teal – a more sophisticated shade of Green; A Green Women’s Declaration Webinar

Join us this Friday, 21 June at 7pm for a special election broadcast; Alison Teal in conversation with Zoe Hatch from Green Women’s Declaration

True Green, Alison Teal is standing as an Independent Parliamentary Candidate in Sheffield Central. She has been subjected to appalling treatment by the party; a campaign of bullying for her gender critical views, 19 months on ‘No Fault Suspension’ with no justice in sight and finally being replaced as Prospective Parliamentary Candidate via an unconstitutional and underhand last minute manoeuvre by her local party.

Alison was the properly selected candidate and Sheffield Central should have been a target seat. She is a well known, popular, Green campaigner and many local people have rallied to her support.

So what went wrong and why was this utterly bonkers and unjust situation allowed to unravel?

Hear the latest from Alison’s election campaign and get the inside track on how she has been so unfairly treated, as she talks about a return to true Green values in her campaign and how the persecution against Gender Critical voices in the party must stop.

Live on Zoom – Register to attend

Your questions for Alison

Alison will be there to tell us her story and to answer questions from the audience. Are you local to Sheffield? Do you wonder what all the fuss is about? Would you like to hear her views on other Green issues? Send us your questions and we’ll be sure to put them to Alison (time allowing). Email info@greeenwomensdeclaration.uk



Webinar – Is the Green Party having an Identity Crisis?

Our next series of webinars will focus on the identity crisis in the Green Party, exploring how and why GPEW has abandoned its core principles and concern for the environment.  We’ll be kicking off with very special guests Simon Edge and Darren Johnson in conversation with Zoe Hatch and Jude English of The Green Women’s Declaration.

You are warmly invited to join us in conversation with Simon and Darren at our webinar on Wednesday 22nd May at 7pm.

You can register for the webinar here.

About Simon Edge

A gay rights activist since the early 1990s, Simon Edge was news editor and then editor of the paper Capital Gay. He then worked for the national press for many years, during which time he was also a senior contributing editor at Attitude magazine. He joined the Green Party in 2013 and served on staff as press officer for Siân Berry’s London mayoral campaign in 2015-16. He left the party shortly afterwards, partly in reaction to the ideas promoted by LGBTIQA+ Greens. He went on to become an outspoken gender critical activist, attending the inaugural meeting of the LGB Alliance in 2019 and appearing as the only male cast member in the film Adult Human Female. He is the author of six novels, two of which – The End of the World is Flat and In the Beginning – are thinly disguised satires on gender ideology. In his current role as senior editor at the publisher Eye Books, he edited Graham Linehan’s Sunday Times-bestselling memoir Tough Crowd.

About Darren Johnson

Joining the Green Party in 1987 aged 20, Darren Johnson learnt on-the-job about electioneering and campaigning through volunteer work at the local level and went on to serve as the Green Party’s national Elections Co-ordinator in the mid-1990s, running the party’s 1994 European election campaign. He later served as Principal Speaker in the early 2000s as well as being a founder member of the Green Party’s then LGB group back in the late-1980s. He was elected four times to the London Assembly and three times to Lewisham Council before stepping down from front-line politics in 2016. Now in semi-retirement, he has written several books about the 1970s music scene and volunteers for a learning disability charity in East Sussex, where he now lives.

Darren is a GWD signatory and has recently expressed his dismay for the way party leaders are failing to tackle the current injustices against Gender Critical members.

Green Party Governance, Policy & Law webinar now on YouTube

A Green Women’s Declaration Webinar. Jude English, Co Chair of Green Party Women, in discussion with Sarah Phillimore about the success of recent Gender Critical court cases including Shahrar Ali vs GPEW, and what this means for the Green Party. Sarah is a family law barrister working in child protection law and a co-founder of the campaign group ‘Fair Cop’.

A transcript is available on YouTube.

Webinar links Green Party, Governance and Law 26.2.24


Green Party Governance, Policy & Law: Sarah Phillimore in conversation with Jude English

The Green Women’s Declaration will be holding our next webinar at 8:00 PM on Monday 26 February with special guest Sarah Phillimore in conversation with Jude English, chaired by Zoe Hatch.

Sarah is a family law barrister working in child protection law, an author and a co-founder of the campaign group ‘Fair Cop’. Sarah and Jude will be discussing the favourable outcome of cases for Jo Phoenix and Rachel Meade and examining them alongside the recent Shahrar Ali vs GPEW judgment. They will consider how these rulings impact on future legal action that is threatened against The Party for its continued unfair and discriminatory treatment of Gender Critical members.  If you would like to pose a question to Sarah or Jude please email us in advance

Register now at https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZIsd-moqzwjHtyLqSl3kXhO4J2m1DbYwpAG

Green Women Speak Out: Why We Need a Green Women’s Declaration


Monday 22 January 2024

In this Webinar, three Green Party members will speak about their own lives. They will address why the protection of single sex spaces for women is important to them; how the eradication of women’s sex-based rights has affected them and their communities and, above all, why the Green Party needs to urgently make the changes necessary to allow for open and respectful debate amongst its membership. Followed by Q&A. In a General Election year, it is vital that Green Party policies and practice address the needs and rights of women. Please join us to find out more about our views. All welcome!

Email questions in advance to info@greenwomensdeclaration.uk


Shabanah Fazal: “I am an ordinary Green Party member, retired secondary teacher, mother and grandmother. I voted for decades for Labour but became disillusioned with them over the Iraq war. I joined the Green Party for their core environmental purpose; pro-European stance and also because at that time, unlike Labour, a couple of prominent Greens were willing to stand publicly for sex-based rights and respectful debate.”

Lucy Watson: “Former committee member of Green Party Women and Green Party Disability Group. Currently suspended for expressing my opinions, on the Party’s closed internal women’s forum, about Gender Identity Theory being made into law and public policy”

Annie: “I joined the Green Party because I believe that climate change is the most important issue of our time. But the Green Party also needs to help create a fairer society for all, and that ‘all’ should include women.”

Chair: Cllr Zoe Hatch, Green Party Women Co-Chair

Zoom registration:


Watch the Webinar

Watch the Green Women’s Declaration webinar in which women from the Green Party of England and Wales who have been suspended by the party for their Gender Critical views discuss how the process is the punishment in the complaints system. Chaired by Pallavi Devulapalli with guests Dawn Furness, Emma Bateman, Alison Teal and Zoe Hatch, which took place online at 7:30pm on Monday 4th December 2023.


Take Action!

So many of you have already emailed us or spoken out on social media in abject shock and horror in response to the stories you heard during our webinar. Until now, the complaints process has been masked by a veil of secrecy. That means very few members have been able to truly understand the extent of our broken systems and how they are being weaponised to silence Gender Critical voices.

Many of you have also asked how you can help to further our aims to support women speaking out and advocate for women’s issues to be protected in the party.  Here are six ideas:

  1. SPEAK to someone in your local party – many members have no idea about the corruption in the party by the Gender Identity factions. Start small.
  2. Share the Webinar video and this information sheet with friends and colleagues, or on social media. Sunlight is the best disinfectant and we need to shine a light on the corruption and broken processes within the party so we can put a stop to it.
  3. WRITE to your Regional Council member –  see contacts below. Ask them about the consequences of the multiple court cases for discrimination, the real potential of bankruptcy, and the ultimate collapse of the entire Green Party.
  4. Help us build a body of evidence demonstrating harm to the party. We know that people often make public statements on Social Media when they leave the party over this issue, will you help us collect those statements by forwarding them to evidence@greenwomensdeclaration.uk We want to demonstrate that the leadership’s continued silence on this issue only perpetuates harm to the party and to our hardworking members and campaigners.
  5. STAND for a Governance Position – we need sensible Green people in the room to counter extremist ideologues and help to put our party back on track. Multiple positions are available either on an annual or rolling basis. Green Party Executive – (GPEx – Next election Jul 2024), Green Party Regional Council (GPRC – Next election rolling normally 2 years), Disciplinary Committee  (DC – next election rolling dependent upon vacancies), Standing Order Committee (SOC – Next election Oct 2024) Drop us a line and let us know if you are interested in standing at a national level, if you’re curious one of our team can give you more information about what’s involved.
  6. VOLUNTEER to support our campaign. Drop us a line at info@greenwomensdeclaration.uk to let us know you want to help. We’d love to hear from you.

2023-12-04 GWD Webinar The Process is the Punishment – Information Sheet