Contact the Green Party

This page is primarily for those who are members of the Green Party of England & Wales (GPEW). Those who are not members might wish to consider contacting the Leadership Team and/or the CEO explaining why they feel unable to join and/or vote for the Green Party at this point in time.


  Contact your Local & Regional Party

If you’d like more info about getting in contact with your local party – please email:


  Contact your Green Party Regional Council Reps

The Regional Council (GPRC) provides “a forum for dialogue between Regions, responsible for keeping under review the general well-being of the Party and for supporting and advising the Green Party Executive, particularly on matters of political strategy.” Each Region can elect two representatives to the Regional Council.

As these reps frequently change, and their contact info may not be up to date, always begin your email by stating your name, local party & region and

cc it to

and the GPRC Co-chairs:


  Contact the Green Party Executive

The Green Party Executive (GPEx) is responsible for the overall and day-to-day direction of the Party, which includes its finances. As it is the body that approves the annual subscription to Stonewall this would be a good point to raise. Send an email that includes your name and local party to: and cc the Chair:


  Contact the Equalities & Diversity Co-ordinator

Equalities and Diversity Co-ordinator:


  Contact the Leadership Team

Leadership:  Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay:

Deputy Leader: Zack Polanski:


  Contact the Green Party CEO

Mary Clegg: