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#ForWomenAndPlanet – this is our primary hashtag



This can be used in answers to questions e.g.

  • Who wants to protect women’s sex-based rights? #GreenWomen Do
  • Who knows what a woman is? #GreenWomen Do
  • Who is for free speech? #GreenWomen Are
  • Who understands that lesbians are same-sex attracted? #GreenWomen Do
  • Who will defend our single-sex spaces? #GreenWomen Will
  • Who knows their sex is the excuse for their mistreatment? #GreenWomen Do
  • Who can distinguish between biological sex and gender identity? #GreenWomen Can
  • Who will speak up for women as a sex? #GreenWomen Will
  • Who knows the climate crisis disproportionately affects women? #GreenWomen Do
  • Who is for democratic debate? #GreenWomen Are
  • Who will sign the Green Declaration for Women’s Sex-Based Rights? #GreenWomen Will

#AliVsGPEW – for posts relating to Shahrar Ali vs GPEW

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