Green Party Women Committee Elections 2024

Thank you to all the women who have applied to become part of this year’s committee. All of the candidates’ statements can be found below. This year none of the committee posts are contested and every candidate pledges to defend women’s sex based rights. Green Women’s Declaration encourages you to vote for them all.

Candidate for Co-chair 1 – JUDE ENGLISH

A women’s group must be able to function freely and without interference in our party.
Women must be free to speak and act to support women’s lives, to develop policy for women. This is not our current reality. I have witnessed that discrimination, abuse of power and denial of free speech is rife.
Shutting down the women’s group for months was an overt act of discrimination. Punishing women like Zoe Hatch for speaking about our rights is overt discrimination. Our leadership continues to deny us our rights, disrespects us and denies our oppression as a sex class.

As your chair I will continue to demand that authoritarian legal and moral malpractice ends. Women must reclaim our rightful place in our own party.
My professional background is as a Renewable Energy specialist. I joined the Green party after the Stern Review made clear the economic and social costs inaction on ecological and climate breakdown will bring. Women will bear the brunt of our failure to act on ecological and climate breakdown and the social breakdown that this brings. I’ve been a councillor in Bristol for 8 years, am a founding signatory of the Green Women’s Declaration and eco-feminist lesbian.

Candidate for Co-chair 2 – TINA ROTHERY

Within the Green Party, there’s a rich seam of untapped potential in the uniting and empowering of the women. And it’s through ‘Green Party Women’ that we will gather ourselves and organise. I’d like to again be at the heart of this powerhouse of a group and to continue to stand strong for its very existence. I’ve been Co-Chair on three previous occasions and am again asking for your trust and your vote.

There’s no denying the challenges our committees have faced these past few years, with Committee members who speak out for the protection of hard-won sex-based rights, experiencing unprecedented censorship and punitive measures. It will be impossible to fill the shoes of people like Zoe, Mandy, Lucy, Nicola and others who have put so much into the recent Committees but it will be an honour to try.

With elections on the horizon, a genuine distaste for the other parties and every reason to believe change and opportunity will come, the GPW Committee of 2024 has a big role to play.

I bring passion, enthusiasm and a deep desire to grow GPW to its full potential so that GPEW and the planet thrive as a result of our actions.

Candidates for Secretary – SUE WILLIAMS and KAREN KRUZYCKA (job share)

Sue says: my activism has been varied and has often centred women’s rights, including setting up my local Women’s Rights Network group and being a founding signatory of the Green Women’s Declaration.

As current Secretary, I value communication with our members and have always responded promptly to members who have reached out to me. I have hosted the monthly book club and successful film events. Along with other members of the committee, I represented GPW on a national march against violence against women and girls and at a reception to honour Afghan women.

Karen says: I have been an active member since joining GPEW. I have served on the Equalities & Diversity Committee and Disability Group Committee, and later the Green Party Regional Council. I have used my expertise & enthusiasm to help the GPEW nationally, and London Region specifically to improve accessibility standards; I’ve also made impactful contributions to the Culture Working Group.
Sue’s neurodiversity and Karen’s sight impairment have given us a personal understanding of the difficulties which disabled women face when they wish to become more involved in our Party. We will seek to ensure Green values are embedded across the party and that diversity is embraced.

In standing for election, our key objectives are:
• To support the voices and needs of women within the Party
• To ensure GPW is consulted on all policies which can affect us
• To foster community & solidarity between ecologically-focused women, through GPW events and clubs.

Candidates for Membership Secretary – HAZEL PEGG and JESS GOLDFINCH (job share) 

Hazel says: From Greenham Common in the early 1980’s to the Green Women’s Declaration 40 years later I have known the power of female solidarity when confronting the patriarchal war machine and institutional misogyny. Now we are in a climate emergency where globally women, as a sex, are disproportionately affected and their empowerment is essential to our work as environmentalists. Green Party Women is an important part of our Party, trying to keep the needs & strengths of women & girls at the forefront of our Policy making. On a practical level I was Membership Secretary of my local Party for a couple of years so understand the role.

Jessica says: Green Party-bio: 20-year membership; Former City Councillor/ Chair of Licensing; PPC; House of Lords shortlist; Disability & DC committees.
Membership and its retention are the life of an organisation. Membership support can be practical, facilitate training and conflict resolution and be pastoral, as required, in complete confidence within safeguarding protocols. All of this needs to rely of good governance namely: responsiveness, participation, transparency, consensus orientated, accountability, effectiveness & efficiency, equality and to follow the rule of law. Hazel is adept at the technical side of the role, maintaining privacy for our members and keeping accurate records. I look forward to learning from and working alongside her.

We say: Vote for us because Green Party Women is its membership, for women and planet.

Candidate for Treasurer – ANNE BAKER

I am standing for the post of Treasurer, as this is a role that I enjoy. I have several years of experience of the role, both within political parties and community groups. As current treasurer I have provided regular reports to the committee and completed the quarterly returns to the Green Party. I have been an active campaigner for many years, including more recently as a member of Green Party Women. As a party of science I believe it is important for us all to keep up to date with the latest news, which is why I am currently studying environmental management. This will enable me to improve my knowledge in this area, and help me understand how best to implement Green Party values and priorities in relation to the environment. This is particularly important for The Green Party Women’s committee, as women and girls (as a sex) are most affected by negative changes in society. If re-elected I would like to be able to focus on fundraising possibilities, to help more women become involved. I would also like to continue hosting Green Witchers, as well as supporting other events arranged by the new committee.

Candidates for Non-portfolio Roles

We’re excited at the prospect of working as a non-portfolio job share team for GPW. We care passionately about the future of life on our beautiful planet and the need for urgent action to address climate change. We know that 80% of people worldwide affected by the climate crisis are women and we’re both signatories to the ‘Green Declaration of Women’s Sex-Based Rights’.

We are advocates of democratic, non-authoritarian ways of organising and are saddened to see the current divisions in GPEW, which we believe are deepened when discussion is shut down and pathways to mutual understanding and reconciliation are closed.

We want GPW to be a welcoming place for women to share, support, grow ideas and actions together; empowering women inside the party to work for the changes in our world so urgently needed.

A bit about ourselves:
Liz: I’ve been a GPEW member for 20 years and was chair of North Surrey GP for over 10, before moving to Lewes. Actress, singer, writer, mother, grandmother and activist since 1968, I’ve been a proud feminist and campaigner for women’s rights, social justice and the environment, all my life.

Amanda: I am a lifelong feminist and environmental activist. I’ve always been active in my local green party(s). I’m a graphic designer with above-average IT skills, which I’ve used to improve party communication materials and to support local election campaigns. I’d like to work this way for GPW – taking on tasks within the team which match my skill set.


Siobhan: Hi, delighted to run again for GPW: was privileged to work with great women in GPW’s social media team in 2023 & involved in all events we managed to run.
I’d love to work on more campaigns on health & fairness for women without harassment this year.

My bio: woman, mother, Green, Irish, working class, anti-racist, trade unions & health: not always in that order. Worked in the voluntary sector & criminal justice before becoming a midwife when my daughters were young. Midwifery centres women (& their babies!) & biological sex is key re women’s health & inequalities.
Retired now & can devote more time to eco feminist politics.

Rachel & I will work hard to ensure Green Party Women speaks for women inside & outside GPEW & that GPEW truly welcomes science & critical thought.

Rachel: I am an instinctive feminist joining women’s groups at university. My women’s peace group supported Greenham and the miner’s strike.

I became a social worker working with children with disabilities, saw the devastation caused by lack of resources. I looked for a political party that would right that.

I knew we had a serious climate problem and following a talk by Adrian Ramsay, joined GPEW. I was an activist for 10+ years, becoming distanced when identity politics came along. It was a relief to find GP Women and focus there.

A late autism diagnosis changed my attitude. Only recently have I felt able to do more; hence applying for this position.

LINDA (Loppy) OUBRIDGE and SARAH BOND (job share)

I’m Loppy, I would like to be elected to Green Party Women as non-portfolio. I have been a peace and environmental campaigner since the 1970s. I’m a lifelong feminist and, having worked with vulnerable adults with severe learning disabilities I firmly believe in single sex intimate care for all women and girl’s safety.

I was at Greenham Common over the winter 1981-2, helped start Burghfield Peace Camp and then worked for Quaker Peace & Service, organising NVDA training & the Dorset Star March. I was a member of organisation of the Big Green Gathering from the start. I have been in the party for over 20 years and am a mother & grandmother who wants to ensure that we leave a habitable world for all our children.

I’m Sarah. I have always had a passion for the environment and women’s rights, and I am dismayed at where ‘we’ are and what we are doing to our planet. I know that climate change
affects women & girls disproportionately, and how important it is to understand the impact of Green Party policies on women within the Party and in wider society.

Green Party Women provides an essential space for discussions, events and social gatherings (Green Twitchers, Book Club etc), and I am keen to be involved in helping to engage with all our members. Having been on various committees (PTFA / Scouts) I know I have the enthusiasm, ideas and organisational skills to help make GPW an even better space for us.