Green Women’s Declaration (GWD) Welcomes New Green MPs

Following this historic election, Green Women’s Declaration (GWD) applauds the successful campaigns of our 4 new MPs – Sian Berry (Brighton Pavilion), Carla Denyer (Bristol Central), Adrian Ramsay (Waveney Valley), and Ellie Chowns (Herefordshire North). Our Green MPs will have a hard task ahead – challenging the new government to take seriously our impending climate disaster. Caroline Lucas is a worthy example for them to follow, and we know they are committed to work equally hard.

As a lobby group for the rights of women and girls, who are often hardest hit by climate change, GWD also challenges our new MPs to face head on the crises not just for women in countries struggling with changing climate, but here at home and even within the Green Party. In the last few days of campaigning, women’s rights came to the fore with candidates and campaigners also facing questions about women’s rights to single sex sports, services, and spaces. both at hustings and on doorsteps.

GWD urges our new MPs to help lead the Green Party into proper, open debate on the clashes between the rights of women and trans identified males, recognising that sometimes the rights of one protected group may infringe on the rights of another.

We ask that the Green Party lives up to the slogan ‘doing politics differently’. Instead of continuing to weaponise these clashes, let us model to others true respect for all protected groups, and civil discourse, so that we can provide solutions that honour the dignity, privacy and safety of all.

West Midlands Green Party member Sara Mai said: “Real change comes from within.” We hope our MPs will be able to bring the change we all need from within the House of Commons.