Green Women’s Declaration Update

The weekend of the 6-8 October 2023 saw the Green Party Conference in Brighton where the party celebrated 50 years since formation. We took leaflets about the declaration and our now infamous Green Women’s Declaration banner (more about that later) determined to spread the word about our campaign.

We had many, many members come up to us and THANK us for speaking out. They felt reassured where previously they had felt fear, they felt a sense of belonging where previously they had felt isolated, they felt a sense of relief that FINALLY someone was standing up for women’s rights. Many were proud to have signed but many remain in the shadows, only able to give us their discreet support.

Some long standing members described how just by existing we are an act of resistance against the authoritarian tyranny that currently grips the party – seeking to silence women’s voices and ride roughshod over our hard won sex-based rights. Whilst we are publicly ignored by the party, we know our existence makes them deeply uncomfortable.

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Dramatic events
The conference saw some dramatic events that prove we are needed now more than ever. Our GWD leaflets were torn from people’s hands, ripped up in front of them and our banner was attacked and damaged by GPW Co-Chair and Parliamentary Candidate, Chesca Walton. You can find out more by watching this video:

Article in The Critic
This sort of abuse is nothing new for Gender Critical voices within the party. Such attacks are precisely why the declaration exists. One of our signatories, Nathan Williams, has written a brilliant article about the ongoing aggression towards GC members and why this crisis needs to be addressed now, before it’s too late:

What can you do?
So, what can you do, now, to help bring this insanity to a close? Well, if you’re a Green Party Member we urge you to share the Green Party’s own current legal advice with your local party. Ask your local party officers to distribute the advice to all members. It is a disgrace that we are having to do this when the party has had this information for months – so much damage to the party could have been prevented if GPEx and GPRC had taken action to prevent discrimination against members – but they remain silent, happy for the abuses to continue and in many instances being complicit with it. Here is a copy of the advice if you haven’t read it. It makes clear that those of us who believe in sex-based rights and single sex provisions have every right to speak out in favour of them.

If you are not a party member, you can still help! Write to your local party, tell them about the advice, say why you are no longer a member if you resigned over this issue. Don’t forget you can also urge friends to write too. Tell them we need their help, now more than ever.

With thanks for your ongoing support,
Green Women’s Declaration

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