Open Letter to GPEW Leadership

Wednesday 10 April 2024

Dear Carla Denyer, Adrian Ramsay, Zack Polanski & Anthony Slaughter,

Dr Hilary Cass has submitted her final report and recommendations to NHS England in her role as Chair of the Independent Review of gender identity services for children and young people.

Following this landmark statement, GPEW members have written to us naming the conspicuous silence from you, our party leaders, at a time when you should be championing the safeguarding of young and vulnerable people. We fully support this important review and call on Green Party governing bodies to make an official response to the review.

We are asking you also to clarify our Green Party Policy and current position on Puberty Blockers and transitioning children.

We are happy that today Stonewall has recognised the safeguarding concerns that many women and members have expressed to their detriment.

The Green Party prides itself on being an evidence led, science-based and democraticParty. Robust, genuine and open debate must always be part of its Philosophical Principles.

After years of evidence based research, it appears Stonewall and others have finally aligned themselves to the Precautionary Principle and the safeguarding findings by Dr. Hilary Cass. We believe this view is also held by the vast majority of our members.

We would like to engage openly and respectfully with our Green Party members and colleagues. However, no current party member can talk about these issues without breaching the Queerphobia guidelines. (Guidance to Identify Queerphobia – Final Version July 2023_.pdf)

Several members have already been suspended with complaint forms directly citing this document, despite the party making claims to the contrary. This persecution must stop and our policy must now reflect the values of our members & supporters, and align with the principles of science and reason.

Green Women’s Declaration



If any members are unsure why this is an issue for young people, please read the FULL REPORT, here:

And hear Dr Cass speaking on BBC Woman’s Hour here:

Additional Interview here:

BBC SOUNDS Review on the today Programme: