Political Assassinations in the Green Party

Statement on recent expulsions

This week 8 more members have been expelled from the Green Party in an act of political assassination by the Regional Council (GPRC)

  • 6 of these are women.
  • 6 are founding signatories of the Green Women’s Declaration.
  • 3 are current or former members of the Green Party Women Committee.

All are accused of breaching the constitution by allegedly, ‘campaigning against a properly selected Green Party candidate.’ However, the Green Party has no agreed definition for ‘campaigning’ and some of the expelled did as little as sharing social media posts acknowledging a candidacy.

The expelled members shared posts about Sheffield Central parliamentary candidate, Alison Teal. GWD maintains that Alison Teal was the properly selected candidate for the Green Party and it is the Sheffield Green Party who are in breach of the constitution by failing to de-select her properly. The party has clear processes for deselecting a candidate, but these were never used.

This act of extreme authoritarian overreach seeks to control the actions of members including those who have already been suspended from the party; denying them the rights or privileges of membership, yet barring them from participating in the democratic process of a General Election.

At least 17 signatories to the Green Women’s Declaration have now been expelled or suspended, mirroring the actions of the Scottish Green Party who expelled 14 members for signing our sister declaration.

GWD are clear that this is an attack on Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Participate in democracy and Freedom of Conscience. We are clear that it is a fundamental attack on women who defend their sex-based rights.