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Lesbian Greens
  • We are women who are attracted to other women.
  • We are lesbians.
  • We are bisexual women.
Gender Critical Greens

Regular updates on developments in GPEW

The Original Gender Critical Greens website

We are a loose collective of people, from various green parties and movements, challenging gender identity ideology and re-centring feminism in green politics.

The Green Light

Illuminating the Green Party. A useful collection of blog posts on current events within GPEW.

Beatrix Campbell

How did an open and democratic party [GPEW] sometimes behave like the Inquisition hunting trans heretics, particularly feminists, who have been harassed and disciplined and expelled?

Green Party Women logoGreen Party Women

The official, members only, Green Party Women forum on Green Spaces. Open to all members of the Green Party of both sexes and all gender identities. Login required.

Green Party Women bannerGreen Party Women on Facebook

Green Party Women represents the needs and rights of women in the Green Party of England and Wales. Open to all people of both sexes and all gender identities.

Women’s Declaration International

The Declaration reaffirms women and girls’ sex-based rights, and challenges the discrimination we experience from the replacement of the category of sex with that of ‘gender identity.’

Women’s Rights Network

We are a feminist group. We are a network of women from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland with one main focus: to defend the sex-based rights of women.

Fair Play For Women logoFair Play For Women

Campaigning and consultancy group which raises awareness, provides evidence and analysis, and works to protect the rights of women and girls in the UK.

Woman’s Place UKWomens Place UK logo

Violence against women and sex discrimination still exist. Women need reserved places, separate spaces and distinct services.  We are united by our belief that women’s rights must be defended.

Sex Matters logoSex Matters

Sex matters in life and in law. It shouldn’t take courage to say so. We are campaigning to establish that sex matters in rules, laws, policies, language and culture.


We have charitable status for our work promoting Women’s human rights. FiLiA’s vision is a world free from Patriarchy where all Women and Girls are Liberated.

LGB AllianceLGB Alliance logo

Our Vision – Lesbians, gay men and bisexuals living free from discrimination or disadvantage based on their sexual orientation. We recognise that sex is binary, female and male.

Transgender Trend

Leading the way in advocating for the rights of children to reject gender stereotypes and be who they really are without discrimination, labelling or medical intervention to ‘fix’ them.


We provide a space where respectful discussion of gender issues is encouraged, and we welcome trans people, detrans people, parents, and professionals who believe that a better way is possible.

Thoughtful Therapists

We share concerns about the impact of gender identity ideology on children and young people. We want to protect the integrity of the open-ended exploration of thoughts and feelings.

Sister Outrider – A Black Radical Feminism

The award-winning blog of Claire Heuchan covering Women’s Rights, Sex, Gender & Sexuality, Lesbian Feminism, Race & the Feminist Movement and much more.

Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights (US)

Gender critical profeminist movement embracing the founding values of the Green Party; particularly feminism, grassroots democracy, respect for diversity, and decentralization.