Statement on the judgment in Shahrar Ali’s case:

‘Worthy of Respect in a Political Party’

Today a judge has ruled that the Green Party of England and Wales (GPEW) has been acting unlawfully in discriminating against ‘gender critical’ members, who assert their belief that a woman is an adult human female and that women’s sex-based rights must be fought for and won. We thank and congratulate Shahrar Ali, who has bravely stuck his neck out for all of us in pursuing his case.

GPEW leaders and people in executive positions have either actively engaged in naming and shaming ‘gender critical’ members or stayed silent while it happened. A chilling atmosphere of fear and censure has affected us all.

We urgently need to reform processes and structures inside the party that are currently wide open to manipulation, and which have allowed this top-down authoritarian culture to take hold.

Immediately, we call for:

  • The resignation of the GPEW CEO and the Chair of GPEx and an apology from Party Leaders to all ‘gender critical’ members.
  • The immediate disbandment of the GPEW’s failing Disciplinary Committee.
  • Disciplinary investigations to be outsourced from now on, lawfully conducted, without bias and fully compliant with the ‘ACAS Code of Practice on Disciplinary Grievance’,
  • The immediate lifting of disciplinary sanctions that have been imposed on GC members through No Fault Suspensions and expulsions, including Emma Bateman’s 3 expulsions, on the basis that the Party has been acting unlawfully and all such decisions are now rendered unsafe.
  • Immediate out of court settlements in favour of the three GPEW ‘gender critical’ plaintiffs with pending court cases, so that GPEW members’ money is not further wasted on legal costs.
  • A statement of welcome from the GPEW leadership to all members, inviting them to exercise their lawful right to express their beliefs and opinions.

Today is a sea-change moment for the Green Party and the whole membership needs to be engaged in deciding a new, open, and democratic way forward. Let respectful, free speech be welcome and all voices heard, not least the 1400 plus signatories of the Green Women’s Declaration. There’s lots of work to do, but this judgment has given us a key to open the gateway to change.

The time is now!

Green Women’s Declaration

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