Dawn Furness

Dawn Furness – https://twitter.com/DawnFurness

  • Former Co-Chair Green Party Women 2019-20
  • Former GPEx Local Party Support, 2019-21
  • Former International Committee, 2020
  • Three-times General Election Candidate, Blyth Valley
  • MEP Candidate, North East Region & Campaign Manager 2019
  • Former Co-Ordinator North East Region
  • Former Co-Ordinator, Blyth Valley
  • Recently reinstated to GPEW following expulsion and 2-yr suspension
  • https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/dawn-furness/
Transcript from webinar of 04/12/23
Dawn Furness – Testimonial
I. Introduction

● On 2 Dec 2020, Nearly three years to the day, I was recalled from my elected
position on GPEx, the Green Party Executive as the local Party support. A position I
won with nearly a 3:1 majority against the incumbent Doug Rouxel on 4 Sep 2019. I
was given no reason for the recall, other than my behaviour was ‘beyond the pale.
● I was not given any documentation of the complaint against me, I was provided with
no evidence against me. no right of reply and no means to challenge the decision of
the Green Party Regional Council.
● Three months later, when my recall from GPEx had been determined unfounded, I
was not notified by the Party that the recall had been withdrawn.
● Instead, a secondary complaint had been brought by another member and processed
against me within a matter of hours and I was immediately suspended from the party.
● Even though the complaint cited ‘immediate risk to the party’ I was given no
information as to what this risk was. Multiple emails requesting further information
were ignored. The right to reply was ignored.
● I first incurred the wrath of the gender faction when I was selected to speak at the ’A
Woman’s Place’ Conference in Newcastle on 25 May 2018. Before the conference, I
was subjected to online harassment and bullying by Medic Adrian Harrop, who was
later suspended from practice for harassing and abusing women.
● I was unaware at the time that I had drawn a target on my back. Despite abiding by
all protocols to speak at the event and declaring the official GPEW policy to the
Woman’s Place conference I still received multiple complaints which came through
my regional field officer.


II. Whistleblowing and Commencement of Legal Action

● In April 2020 I submitted a 30-page whistleblowing complaint to The Party. In doing
so I invoked the legal protection for WhistleBlowers under UK law.
● Among the aspects of the Green Party’s institutional discrimination that I will be
litigating are:
● That Green Party policies on how women are defined and treated within the Party
were put in place by David and Aimee Challenor and were left in place after David
Challenor was imprisoned for 22 years for child sex offences.
● That Green Party officers indicated support for David Challenor after his conviction,
and members who challenged those expressions of support were disciplined. Even
those who – like me – expressed solidarity with those challenging support for David
Challenor were disciplined.
● That the Report into the Challenors’ involvement in the party identified serious
safeguarding risks, which have still not been addressed.~
● When women members of the Green Party (including me) attempted to pass
democratic motions seeking to overturn the policies that the Challenors had brought
about, those motions were illegitimately and undemocratically defeated by the Party
● That women who expressed gender-critical beliefs (or who were even suspected of
holding those beliefs) were blacklisted and excluded from Party platforms.
● That Officers made concerted attempts to ensure that women who stood for election
to internal roles had their results suppressed in favour of males who had received
fewer votes.
● That women who tried to meet to discuss the role of women in the party had their
meetings sabotaged by Party officers to the extent that the women had to meet in
● That the leadership of Green Party Women were denied access to its membership
database, to prevent women from democratically meeting and organising.
● That I was physically assaulted twice, and when this was reported to officers, their
only reaction was to laugh.
● As the unsuccessful Parliamentary Candidate for the Green Party in 2019, male
officers in the party cheered and celebrated my loss to the Conservative candidate,
while watching the result being announced on TV, shouting the word “TERF” at the
TV screen at Party HQ.
● Members – including me – who expressed gender-critical beliefs were disciplined and
suspended, often in processes that took years, denying us any democratic role while
those processes were ongoing.
● GPEW and any organisation can create any policy it deems fit however, what most
members will not be aware that in doing so they cannot break the law.


III. The Weaponization of Complaints

● GPEW disciplinary Committee and the complaints process were developed when the
Party only had 5000 members and before it expanded to its current membership of
nearly 50,000.
● The system was designed to resolve disagreements within party members, with the
flawed assumption that there were. In short, a system for ‘reasonable people,
behaving reasonably’.
● Individual members would attempt to resolve differences in person and if that failed
would make a complaint to their local party, if that was not resolved, it was escalated
to the regional party, then finally the national party,, once all other avenues had failed.
● However, on the gender issue, all complaints are mainlined to the national level
without prior recognition and interaction with the local party. This was enabled by
leadership and staff.


IV. The Emotional Toll

● I have found it brutally difficult to write this statement – every time I revisit what
happened to me from the twop assaults and the extensive smear campaigns and
bullying, it is traumatic.
● My journey for the GPEW to recognise Women as a distinct sex class under the UK
Equality Act began in April 2018 and will not conclude until 2024. That is a 6-year
journey for the party to acknowledge that sex is real and material to the lived
experiences of females. This is an extraordinary position for ANY party to take.
● Taking the party to court’ protections under the Equality act are already protected
under law as established case law – the Party is breaching the law and even as of
Feb 2023, ignoring its own legal advice for which it has paid approximately £100K
● The emotional toil on myself has been devastating. My entire friend structure was
decimated as a consequence of my complaint, as was the dissolving of the local
party. Now complaints have been raised against my colleagues to remove my
support network.


V. Corruption within GPEW

● Rather than the separation of powers the GPEW has allowed and enabled a
power-grab of a faction of individuals who have manipulated and abused the
complaints process.
● As A consequence individual Party members have been permitted to stand
simultaneously on multiple branches of the GPEW Governance which were designed
to be kept separate.
● At least two members currently sit on the Standing Orders Committee and GPRC.
The separation of committees was designed to scrutinise decisions made by Green
Party Regional Council GPRC and SOC was established to give information
specifically at the conference and has undertaken substantial mission creep to
become a quasi-judicial body delivering ‘rulings’ on the interpretation of national
● One member currently sits on SOC, GPRC, the Disciplinary Panel appeals
committee and is also on the committee of a Special Interest Group (SIG)
[CLARIFICATION – In 2023 this was raised to GPRC and special dispensation was
given for members to stand on both committees – although no reason was given for
allowing this partisan decision!]
● As a comparison, that would be like a sitting MP proposing legislation, then speaking
on behalf of the police to endorse that legislation, and then subsequently adjudicating
on the same legislation as a member of the Supreme Court. All as the same person.
This is farcical. This is corruption!
● I know first-hand that this has not been GPEW policy for allowing members to stand
on multiple national Governance branches. I was elected to the International
committee in September 2020 and then was immediately given an ultimatum to stand
down or I would be removed from my position on GPEX.
● This removal was conveniently enacted by my recall from GPEx in December 2020.


VI. The Future of The Green Party

● GPEW exists within a bubble of its own ideology. It smears and purges its ranks of
any dissenter with a diversity of thought on the sex/Gender rights issue.
● Whilst the Party may make any policy it so desires it cannot actively discriminate
against members of a protected characteristic under the Equality Act.
● By the time my case gets to court the corruption of the party from the abuse and
weaponisation of the complaints process to the fraudulent election of partisan
members will be laid bare in court testimony. Sunlight is the best form of disinfection.
But this disclosure will destroy confidence in anyone associated with the party and
undermine all environmental campaigners.
● I believe that the GPEW will not change its position with regard to sex/gender as it is
too entrenched. These individuals would rather see the party destroyed than
recognise the human rights of those members who understand the biological reality
of sex.
● In 2024 we will be facing a general election and it is shamefully clear The GPEW are
not fit to govern in any capacity. The party itself is not fit for purpose when ait’s own
governance officers are prevented from scrutinising its own papers
● The moniker of ‘the nice ‘guys in politics’ is untrue. The same high-profile members
who stand on a platform to call out the most egregious behaviour of The Tory and
Labour members will be, themselves, subject to the same scrutiny.
● GPEW cannot claim to uphold the principle of democracy if at our core we are a
corrupt organization with a lack of transparency about internal processes.


VII. Conclusion

● “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” -Thomas Jefferson Those members who
mistakenly believe this issue is a ‘disagreement between two factions’ rather than a
systematic purge of women who have been abused and smeared with ‘wrong think’,
need to become actively involved in the governance structure of their party.
SPEAK to someone in your local party – many members have no idea about the
corruption in the party by the Gender Identity factions.
WRITE to your Regional Council member – see contacts below. Ask them about
the consequences of the multiple court cases for discrimination, the real potential of
bankruptcy and the ultimate collapse of the entire Green Party.
STAND for a Governance Position – we need sensible Green people in the room to
outvote the extremists. Multiple positions are available either on an annual or rolling
● At the time when the organisation of climate activists is most needed, at the time
when the world is finally waking up to the desperation and impact of the biodiversity
collapse and climate crisis, the GPEW will become bankrupt and will self-implode.
● This will NOT be the result of the brave women and men standing up to oppression
and silencing and seeking redress in the courts but from the narcissism and
solipsism of its leadership, CEO, staff members and elected officials who have
enabled the discrimination and victimisation of women on the basis of their sex and
gender-critical beliefs.